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Filename supplementaries-1.16.5-0.12.2.jar
Uploaded by MehVahdJukaar
Uploaded May 16, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +3
Size 4.83 MB
Downloads 400,868
MD5 b3e1de183af7556b875a2184016a2fb9
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Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Netherite trapdoors and safes can now be lavalogged


End crystals placed on pedestals will make them provide 3 enchantment levels to nearby enchanting tables. That means that one would need 5 crystals to max out a table. Crystals on them will also render 3d and animated.


Tipped Bamboo spikes now randomly emit particles


Cages, jars and flutes now handle their entity whitelists through tags instead of config lists.


Way sing can now totally be disabled trough configs. Their generation has also been slightly tweaked


Cog blocks have a new texture for their 1 power state


Thrown bricks now take into account a block blast resistance


Added all banner patterns to notice boards & hanging signs


Vines can now be placed underneath campfires (done through a dedicated tag)


Added sings compat for Mowsiemobs, Twilight Forest and Undergarden wood types

Added others compat blocks.


flax seeds can now spawn in reporpoused structures's pillager outposts chests too


changed some configs descriptions
updated some translations. see credits

changed crimson lantern and flax block textures.

tweaked candelabra texture


firefly jars can now be crafted with tf fireflies
magma block can be uncrafted
other minor recipe tweaks


Blackboards and notice boards now won't render when looking at them from behind
fixed crimson lantern hitbox
fixed crash with faucets solidifying concrete
Improved hourglass dust texture detection. will now always work.
fixed a bug with ropes
many minor optimizations
fixed some resource pack related bugs

fixed a crash related to maps in noticeboards



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