I wanted to add Potion Effects to TConstruct tools and I wanted it to be as configurable as possible, so I made this mod.


SuperTic adds an additional trait to each TConstruct tool material, what it does is configurable in a xml- file. Right now there are three different possibilitys:

- An effect gets applied when an entity is hit

- An effect is applied when damage is blocked

- An effect is applied when a block is mined

More is comming soon, please make reasonable suggestions :)


The config works as following:


<material name="cobalt"> // The specified material

//When attacking has a 1 in 5 chance to apply haste I for a duration of 200 ticks to the player

<attack id="minecraft:haste" amp="1" dur="200", chance="5" player="true">


//When blocking has a 1 in 7  chance to apply regeneration IV for a duration of 50 ticks to the attacking entity

<block id="minecraft:regeneration" amp="4" dur="50", chance="7" player="false">


//When mining has a 1 in 10 chance to apply speed II for a duration of 1000 ticks to the player

<mine id="minecraft:speed" amp="2" dur="1000", chance="10" >



<material name="ardite">




You can also reload the config file by using the command /supertic reload and get all the material names by /supertic materials.


Feel free to use this in your modpack and have fun playing :)