Superflat Caves

1,594 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod simply allows the cave generation functions and ravine generation functions to be called in superflat worlds.

It has in-built compatibility with Void Island Control, which will only be loaded if Void Island Control is also loaded, that allows their void World Type to also use this as a chunk generator instead of the default.

It also has support through Forge events of allowing other mods, such as Cave Generator, Worley's Caves, etc, to provider their own cave generator.

Created upon request.


Simply add "caves" and/or "ravines" to your superflat preset.


  • "Allow Higher Caves" will replace the Map Cave Generator with one that will generate caves above 128, to the value specified (default true):
  • "Cave Height Limit" from 1 to 256. Default 256.
  • Various configuration options relating to the visuals, the celestial angle, fog, etc, can be configured. By default, the world provider is overwritten and replaced with a new provider. This can now be disabled (as it causes conflicts with other mods). Visual features, celestial angle, etc, will not be available with this option disabled.


An example from a "stoneblock"-stype superflat world (in Spectator Mode, with Night Vision):


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