Super Block World [Fabric]

5,406 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 23, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

Super Block World is a passion project that's been in the works for almost a year, it aims to combine Minecraft and Mario in a cohesive, polished and fun experience! 


I highly recommend using the CurseForge App to install this, as it is much simpler. Manual Installation is still simple though, just make sure you follow the steps

Manual Installation
1 ) As this is a Fabric mod (aka not Forge), you'll first have to download and the Fabric Loader from their website
2 ) Run the loader and install it for the version you want
3 ) If there isn't already one, make a mods folder in your .minecraft
4 ) Include the Fabric API AND the fabric version of GeckoLib in your mods folder
5 ) Include the Super Block World .jar in the folder as well
6 ) Done!

dayofpi - Code, textures, models, sound editing

Mathias - Code

KJolt - Textures

Iris - Music, additional textures

KatieCake1118, TRoboknight, Orbyy - Texture aid
Aurata - Structure aid

If you're interested, the original code that the Warp Pipe logic is based on can be found here.


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