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Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Suludom is a mod that centers around modular equipment. Mix and match materials and upgrades to make the tool you want!




  • Use the Tool Table to craft your tools and armor
  • Use the Augment Table to apply upgrades to your equipment
  • Expanded enchanting system! Have you ever thought 30 levels weren't enough for you? Orthogonal and diagonal pylons will raise the maximum level of an enchanting table.
  • Enchant smokers and blast furnaces
  • Add new materials through data packs

See the guide.




Q: Can I use this in my modpack?

A: Yes.


Q: Will you port this to (Forge / earlier versions)?

A: No, I'd rather use the time required to do so to work on actual features.


Q: Where did the name come from?

A: Originally, I wanted to name the mod 'Modulus', but while I was working on it, someone published a mod with that name. 'Suludom' is just 'Modulus' backwards.


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