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Uncraft your armor and tools at the crafting table. You never dropped a trident? Craft it with specific ingedients. Adds bunch of new food to minecraft! You want to craft Slime and/or a chainmail armor? Just craft it! Plants - Flax for Strings, Hops + Malt for beer brewing, Spelt for a new kind of bread. Ever had to much Ender Pearls? Just craft Blocks of Ender




Fresh Food


Slime and chainmail armor




Find iron or gold bushes in the forest




Get clay through combining sand with dirt and step on it!



Block of Ender sent Redstone signal just like the Redstone Block

Infused Block of Ender grants Speed Effect if you´re walking on it

Block of the Forgotten Alchemist grants regeneration if you´re staying on it

Recommendation: Install Roughly Enough Items to search for every recipe in the game




This mod is developed for Fabric.

There are no plans to develop a Forge version. 


Modpack Permission:

Feel free to use it in any modpacks



Ideas are welcome, just post them down in the comments


Bug Report:

Just report bugs at the github page


I love to hear what you think about my mod, so just leave a comment here!

Thank you.


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