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Filename structurize-0.10.313-RELEASE.jar
Uploaded by OrionOnline
Uploaded May 3, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 4.76 MB
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MD5 4e7e08cd0b7e98f2702ed6d9f3efb8fc
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Java 9
Java 8
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Minecolonies Changelog

Version: 0.10.313-RELEASE

  • Revert "Adding Artifactory and publishing logic. (#129)"

This reverts commit 8af28ef4625f763f835231299df859f25d426f15. * Fix Optifine compatibility (#113)

Fix Optifine compatibility * fix crash * Adding Artifactory and publishing logic. (#129) * Remove primaryAnchorPos boolean because it was causing bugs (#127)

Fixes deco placement offset * Anchor Pos Warning (#125)

Adds a warning and stops scan saving if Anchor Pos is set outside schematic to reduce issues * bandaid fix for structurename handling * fix accepting other Huts * hotfix #4688 * Feature / Fix: Manual AnchorPos Selection and Placeholder t (#124)

Changes proposed in this pull request: - Serialize and Deserialize AnchorPos in Blueprints - Allow manual selection of AnchorPos via ScanTool and Command - Render Red Box around AnchorPos in scans and Build Tool - Fix rotations on Placeholder Block - Fixes gradle publishing stuff Review please * hotfix exception with bamboo * Barrelblock (#123)

  • Added deco barrel block
  • Fix memory leak in rendering (#119)
  • Fix Data Generators, Run generators, And add Floating Carpets! (#117)

  • Fix Data Generators, Run then, And add Floating Carpets!

  • Forgot loot tables!

  • Hotfix datafixer entities and tile entities

Don't try to fix non-minecraft things * Hotfix datafixer entities and tile entities * Added lineWidth setter. (#114) * Turn off completely * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.15' into version/1.15 * Fix light substitution block recipe * Fixing the Scissoring box position calculation on Macs (#111)

This adapts the calculation to using the Scaled height for the Y offset. Fixes the issues of Mac reporting display sizes wrong. * Fix text field select all/copy/paste/cut * hotfix loading with optifine * fix multiblock right click * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.15' into version/1.15 * Model Optimizations (#107)

Optimizes Multiblock model Fixes item display properties Updates the placeholder & substitution blocks to the 1.14+ texture for planks * hotfix item detection * Add not water error * fix #105

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