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Filename structurize-1.12.2-0.10.277-RELEASE.jar
Uploaded by OrionOnline
Uploaded Mar 14, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.08 MB
Downloads 145,019
MD5 8d37ce0cc825a9ec44b38e81597917ce
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Structurize Changelog

Version: 1.12.2-0.10.277-RELEASE

  • fix to >= and <=
  • 1.12 custom logging
  • Makes saving entities optional (#90)

This makes saving entities within the scanned area optional for cases where you do not want to save entities at all. E.g. for a backup of the block environment without duplicating entities when placing the scan back in. * fix annoation * handle substitution blocks * Improve scan (#63)

  • Avoid overload because of 0,0,0 as default
  • Fix bed counting
  • fix cube shape crash (#58)
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.12' into version/1.12
  • Fixing the optifine compat layer on dedicated servers, closes #25. (#53)
  • merge Minecolonies Blockout fixes to structurize
  • Allow to have a null player
  • Fix grass placement, fix painting placement
  • add contained
  • fix this
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/version/1.12' into version/1.12
  • Fix buildtool view bounds not fitting the controls it contains (#31)

Fix buildtool view bounds not fitting the controls it contains * include libs in jar * setup style if not available * if null, setup * dont reset all, all the time * don't open buildTool gui if already a gui is open * don't double open GUI * add to window * make it a string * set style index and fix issues with reset * Add compat to structure sharing * Hotfix all the javadoc * fix slabs and stairs * Finish support for functions * Send the changes to git * Fix the cube generation * test not showing /miner folders * Place tileEntities with rotations - API change! * fix rendering - oops * hotfix not loading * hotfix scantool crash * Fix structure rendering crash with chiselsAndBits (#29)

Fix structure rendering crash with chiselsAndBits * LinkSessions, commands (#26)

LinkSessions (+ channels) and structure sharing Settings serializable into ByteBuf commands (scan unfinished) - added root command and build a new command structure * hotfix rotation issues * Fix rotation/mirroring and entities * hotfix offset calculation (#28) * Fix cactus door placement, fix scan tool (#27) * hofix blueprint transform * hotfix blueprint mirror/rotation * don't place snow on shingles * Hotfix setting of block * hotfix scanning * hotfix progressPos * hotfix get block * Hotfix rotation of new system * Math abs the result * hotfix easier way to get current data * hotfix set to protected * Merge pull request #24 from ldtteam/enhancement/no-temp

Add changes for template to blueprint changes * remove this * small improvement * Fix the shapes * Fixup * Add changes for template to blueprint changes

Feature/no more templates * Merge pull request #22 from ldtteam/feature/namespace

Feature/namespace * revert * Merge branch 'version/1.12' into feature/namespace * namespace mod * Clean up files and changed to the "ldtteam" namespace * Merge pull request #20 from JTK222/version/1.12

Fixed Entities not being properly Saved * Fixed Entities not being properly Saved * hotfix falling block placement * Merge pull request #18 from ldtteam/fix/blueprints

Fix blueprints * Fix blueprints

Fix loading of wrongly cached files (with crash) Fix blueprint converting * Revert "Update API endpoint for minecolonies placement of buildings."

This reverts commit 059595c39f08e7b500063b5d93d32f3e5705a53a. * Update API endpoint for minecolonies placement of buildings. * Fix buildtool window functionality * fix smp placement * Merge pull request #16 from ldtteam/feature/blueprints

Feature/blueprints * fixup desert placeholder * Fix cache loading * transform schematics * Update formatting, remove not needed lines, remove not needed classes * Merge pull request #15 from JTK222/feature/support/blueprint

Feature/support/blueprint * Added Data Fixers to blueprints * Removed commented code, and added usefull javadoc to the Blueprint Class * Final Bugfixes. * Added Update Command, added support for entities * Fixed so it does also export to .blueprint and not just change the file type * Added Support for the Blueprint Format (now it's the default format when saving schematics) File size is drasticly decreased, requires more testing. * Recipes and cactus

Add cactus recipes Cactus fence, fence gate And fix naming issues * Add some recipes.

Do not PR until done. * Add some cactus blocks * fix double slab placement. * Adding additional protection to people who use optifine on the server side. * Fix provider not linking through to the right world. * CleanUp of the multi-template-rendering mess. * Working version. * Working version. * Populate the world properly. * Adding more logging. * Small fixes. * Enable banner block rendering. * Adding more javadoc, * Reworking the way template rendering works by caching some values and actually adding a rendering class for it.

The handler is a handler guys not a nice wrapper todo what ever you want with.

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