Respawning Structures[Forge/Fabric]


Respawning Structures gives any structure the ability to respawn after a configured time.

No more empty villages, cleared dungeons and other structures.


Respawning is based on different conditions and can be white/blacklisted or done manually.

Respawning is avoided in structures where players are living, have built stuff or portals are residing.

Dungeons gain an increased difficulty on respawn, giving mobs in them a chance to receive enchants/armor/potion effects

Fast lightweight implementation, the only lag comes from the time the specific structure in question takes to place


Respawn the closest structure within 5 chunks to your current player position:
/respawningstructures respawnClosestStructure

List nearby structures and their position and respawn stats:
/respawningstructures listNearbyStructures

Displays the respawn status of the structure closest to the given position

/respawningstructures structureRespawnStatus <pos>

Sets the flag whether respawning is allowed, true = can respawn(default), false = disabled respawn
/respawningstructures setClosestStructureRespawningFlag <true/false> 

Requires Cupboard dependency

  • Enable/Disable automatic respawn
  • Set the time it takes to respawn
  • Enable/Disable increased mob difficulty for respawned structures
  • White/Blacklist which structures are allowed to respawn
  • Dimension black/whitelist

No known incompatibilities, should work with any other mods.

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