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Filename Strange-1.15.2-1.0.0-beta.5.hotfix1.jar
Uploaded by svenhjol
Uploaded Jun 5, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 1.79 MB
Downloads 131,848
MD5 59c4f23147b199ce272a361b5567aaa6
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1.0.0 beta 5 hotfix 1

  • Fixed crash when holding a travel journal page.

1.0.0 beta 5

  • Fixed vault chests being empty when disabling totems. Fixes #56
  • Added compatiblity with Java 9+
  • Added Ender Geodes, Amethyst and Moonstones
  • Added Rune Portals
  • Added Travel Journal pages for sharing entries.
  • Removed old beta 4 portal runestones and obelisks. This will cause registration warnings in existing worlds.
  • Rebuild of Travel Journal client.
  • Vaults now spawn under stone circles again. strange:vaults has been deregistered and may cause registration warnings or world corruption when upgrading from an old beta.
  • Tweak scrollkeeper raids. No longer raids until Journeyman.
  • Totem of Returning rewards no longer embed the player under the earth.
  • Chunk preloading for teleport via runestones.

1.0.0 beta 4

  • World hang when doing /locate in non-vanilla dimension (1.14 only). Fixes #22
  • "Fetch" quests were starting even though the start conditions were invalid. #28
  • Improved quest completion text and added co-ordinates for "Fetch" quests. #28
  • Fix entry name change not being respected when taking a photo. Fixes #38
  • Config option to always show X and Z coordinates of a journal entry in the Travel Journal.
  • Vault and Stone Circle biome config has been changed to allow more biomes. If you have customized this config, you may need to look over it.
  • Stone Circles may now generate in the End with harvestable Portal Runestones.
  • Added RunePortals (documentation Todo!) and Rune Page to the Travel Journal.
  • Ambience module has been removed and put in a separate mod Charmonium. This will cause registration warnings in existing worlds.
  • [1.15] Totem of Preserving's "drop on death" will be disabled if Quark Oddities is present.

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