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Strange Strange is an add-on mod for Charm that adds exploration, adventure and treasure to Minecraft without dramatically altering the vanilla playstyle. Each feature is configurable and can be disabled, allowing you to customize your experience.

Main features

  • Underground Ruins - found scattered below the surface
  • Runestones - standing stone circles that can take you to points of interest
  • Scrolls - a scrollkeeper villager sells quest scrolls for you to complete
  • Totems - lost treasure that provides powerful actions
  • Enchantments - rare tools and weapons with special enchantments
  • Travel Journal - a craftable journal to keep track of your findings
  • The Outerlands - a distant area far from the safety of spawn

Read more on the wiki!


This mod requires Forge for Minecraft 1.15 and Charm as dependencies.

PROBABLY IMPORTANT! Strange is currently in beta and undergoing a lot of playtesting. It could break your game, your cats, it might not play well with other mods etc. Please get in touch via the Github issue tracker if it's something really serious.

Comments have been disabled as I don't have the time to check them here! Please join us at The Atom-sphere discord server: https://discord.gg/uCAGJ2A