Storage Network

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This mod adds cables to connect you inventories. (similiar to AE or Logistics pipes).





  • Network Core: You need one (and only one) in your network. It needs to be supplied with energy (if enabled).
  • Network Cable: Default cable to connect parts of the network.
  • Network Export Device: Exports items from the network into attached inventory.
  • Network Import Device: Imports items from attached inventory into the network.
  • Network Storage Device: Connects the inventories (chest, furnace) to the network.
  • Network Stocking Device: Keeps a specified amount of items in attached inventory.
  • Network Toggle Cable: Can disable parts of the network when powered with redstone. Invertible with the wrench.
  • Network Energy Interface: Can transfer energy through the network from one interface to another one. The transfer rate is the higher the more energy cells are connected.
  • Energy Cell: Can store energy and power machines with energy interfaces.
  • Request Table: Used to overview, insert and request items from the network.
  • Item Attractor: Inserts dropped items around into the network.
  • Item Box: Stores items in the network.
  • Item Indicator: Gives a redstone signal if more/less items are in the network.
  • Item Mirror: Shows items in the network. Works simliar to storage drawers.
  • Network Interface: Works as an inventory that represents the network. You can insert and extract items with hoppers/pipes/etc.




  • Network Wrench:  With right click you can change the direction of blocks and with right click while sneaking you can disconnect cables.
  • Item Filter: Can be inserted into some devices to allow specific items. Right click to open the GUI.
  • Speed Upgrade: Increases the speed of exporting/importing.
  • Stack Upgrade: Increases the stack size of an import/export task.
  • Wireless Accessor: Portable version of the Request Table.




Taking items

  • With shift: into your inventory
  • Without shift: grab items
  • Left mouse button: whole stack
  • Right mouse button: half stack
  • Mouse button + ctrl: 1 item


Searching items

  • without prefix: search for item names
  • '@': search for mod names
  • '#': search for tooltips
  • '$': search for oreDict names
  • '%': search for creative tabs
  • and you can right click the search bar to clear











  • Can I use this in my mod pack?
    • Yes.


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