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Stop Playing Unfair!



yes, 1.17 port will come soon, however i'm having some trouble trying to get the forge 1.17 MDK to work at all. i'll probably release a 1.17 port when a recommended 1.17 forge version is released.


i know i can't be the only one who absolutely hates when i die fighting a powerful mob far away from my spawnpoint and come back to where i died, only to find that the mob has despawned... guess what? this annoying problem is no more, thanks to this mod i angrily made in about an hour!


'stop playing unfair' is a very, very small but handy mod which prevents a configurable set of specific mobs from despawning if they are directly attacked by a player, similar to using nametags, saving a lot of frustration when combined with other mods.

this means that dying while fighting powerful, naturally-spawning boss mobs is effectively no longer a "game over"!


this mod makes a config file which has two options you can edit:

1. whitelist of mobs you don't want despawning when you fight them, of course

2. option to change the whitelist into a blacklist



you may put this mod in modpacks, no need to ask just go right ahead!

unfortunately i am not considering backports to older versions or a port to the fabric modloader right now, but you're completely allowed to make these yourself.

however, if you do either of these, please make sure to give proper credit by crediting me for the mod and/or providing a link back to this mod page.


if you have any suggestions for this mod, feel free to put them in the comments! when forge 1.17 comes out, i may port this mod to 1.17 depending on how difficult of a task this will be.