Yanny's Stone Age

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This mod gives you feeling of man from stone age. No more magically created planks from wood logs, the way to first crafting table is long and dangerous. In prehistoric ages, animals was not domesticated and same apply to this mod. There are no cows/sheeps/pigs/chickens, but their ancestors aurochs/mouflons/boars/fowls which are quit upset when you attack them or their friends.

New blocks

  • Flint workbench - allow you craft primitive tools & another usefull things. To craft, right-click with flint knife.
  • Drying rack - usefull for drying grass
  • Tanning rack - used for tanning raw hide. Right-click raw hide with flint knife multiple times, until leather is produced. Then right-click with empty hand to remove leather.
  • Stone chest - not big space, but still usefull
  • Tree stump - if you want planks, you must chop your logs first!
  • Aqueduct - allow you to transfer water near your crops. To activate watering around, right-click with empty hand (you should then see bubles if activated and has water). Activated aquaduct also apply randomly bonemeal effect on nearby crops and grass.
  • Dried grass bed - not so soft than wool bed, but still you can sleep there
  • Feeder - if you want to grow your animals faster, you definitely need this.
  • Millstone - if you want mill your wheat to flour. Shift-right-click with empty hand to insert/remove items, right-click to activate mill (activate 4 times until item is milled)
  • Fishing net - used for catching fishes and other loots. Just place inside water and put inside grass or cobweb mesh.

New items

  • Venison - drops from deers
  • Fat - drops from animals
  • Auroch meat - drops from aurochs
  • Boar meat - drops from boars
  • Fowl meat - drops from fowls
  • Mouflon meat - drops from mouflons
  • Mammoth meat - drops from mammoths
  • Woolly rhino meat - drops from woolly rhinos
  • Saber-tooth tiger meat - drops from saber-tooth tigers
  • Raw hide - unprocessed hide, not good for armor
  • Antler - drops from deers, your first tools are made from it
  • Unlit torch - you can made torch, but then you must lit it
  • Bone arrow head - arrows are made from bones
  • Drought grass - self explanatory
  • Leather strip - thin leather strips allow you to stitch your first armor, or create better tools
  • Fish bone - drops from fishs
  • Flour - milling wheat produce flour
  • Bread drough - you must bake it in furnace before eating
  • Flint spear - attack your enemies from distance, does more damage than arrows!
  • Mammoth tusk - you can get a lot of bone meal from it
  • Saber-tooth teeth - used for crafting
  • Rhino tusk -
  • Backpack - additional storage, each provide 15 slots.
  • Stone tablet - contains all informations about this mod
  • Dried grass - crafting item
  • Grass lead - crafting item, used for bone tools
  • Grass and Cobweb mesh - used inside fishing net

New mobs

  • Deer - very fearful, but their antlers are your tools. Just catch them
  • Boar - be careful, all boars around attack you when you hit one of them
  • Auroch - ancestor of cows, all aurochs around attack you when you hit one of them
  • Fowl - ancestor of chickens, all fowls around attack you when you hit one of them
  • Mouflon - ancestor of sheeps, all mouflons around attack you when you hit one of them
  • Mammoth - big boy with lot of hearts, also whole group can attack you when you hit one of them
  • Saber-tooth tiger - big cat, very aggressive so circumvent her by far
  • Woolly rhino - Peaceful animal, but as others wild animals, also attack you all when you hit one of them

New structures

  • Abandoned camp - abandoned camp with with tanning and drying racks, bed, flint workbench and chest with few left items
  • Burial place - small structure with few pillars in round with hidden treasure

Another useful things

  • You can make fire by dropping drought grass on ground and right-click with two sticks in your left and right hand.
  • Wild animals can be breed to domesticated (vanilla) after 3 generations. Generation of child is calculated as generation = min(parent1, parent2) + 1, so do not breed childs with parents, as their generation stay same)

Changes to vanilla

  • Crafting table - crafting table is changed after you manage to breed cows, sheeps, pigs and chickens.
  • Wooden tools - all wooden tool recipes are removed, you must craft bone tools instead
  • Torch - it is not possible to craft lit torch, instead you must first make fire and then right-click fire with unlit torch
  • Bread - cooked in furnace from bread drough
  • Fences and fence gates - can be crafted same as in vanilla on flint workbench
  • Slabs and planks - put stone or log on tree stump and swing (left click) two times with hammer or axe
  • Bone meal - can be crushed on tree stump
  • Leather - can be tanned on tanning rack
  • Sugar - milled from sugar cane
  • Campfire, Hay block, Bow, Arrow, Furnace, Lead, Leather armor, Stone tools - craftable on flint workbench
  • Logs cannot be crafted to planks
  • All wooden items can be harvested only with axe


  • Just Enough Items (JEI)
  • The One Probe (TOP)


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