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This mod adds steves that spawn in your world, which include a new, advanced, and pro steves

Advanced and pro steves will attack animals and hostile mobs. Their AI isn't the best however so they're likely to die if battling more than one mob

These steves have a inventory like the player, which is completely random. They will drop everything in their inventory after death,

so when you see steves after installing this mod, then definitely go after them because they can give you various loot

After installing this mod, you'll see houses spawning in your world which the chest inside contain loot (to lower op-ness, houses are rare to find). Advanced steves will be inside houses too

Dirt towers may spawn in your world, which the reason why is Steves looking for their house


Planned features:

Steves will chat in-game

More steve variation (Hostile steves, Destructive steves, etc.)


You may use this mod in your modpacks, but you must credit me and include a link back to here.

Claiming this mod is your own work is not cool, m'kay?


Made entirely with MCreator