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Mod on hold warning

I haven't played Minecraft since 1.16, but I kept my mods updated because people wanted them. Unfortunately, Minecraft changed a lot of internals with 1.19.4, and updating isn't just a matter of changing a few things, it'll also mean figuring out a lot about how it works now. I currently don't have the time and energy to do this, so there won't be a 1.19.4 update in the forseeable future. Sorry for that to everybody who uses my mods.

Some mods (which don't use a gui) will still work, but everything that has a settings or configuration screen won't, so you might still see updates to some of my mods.

Want to help translate this mod to your language?

You can help me translate this mod on https://crowdin.com/project/stepup

Looking for weekly versions?

Publishing a mod to CurseForge does, unfortunately, involve a lot of manual work. For this reason, starting with 21w03a, I'll only publish weekly versions on Modrinth, where publishing a version is just one button click for me. You can find weekly versions for all my mods on https://modrinth.com/mods?q=Giselbaer&s=downloads. Versions for official MC versions will still be published here.

Mod description

StepUpNext helps you to climb blocks without needing to jump, or autojump. While it's similar to enabling autojump, it doesn't come with the hunger penalty that jumping has.

It allows you to switch between "normal mode" and "autojump mode" which are what the client normally does, and "big steps mode" which allows you to climb full blocks without jumping. Modes can be switched using the J key at any time; the key can be changed in options as usual.


The mod is client side and should work with vanilla servers as well, except if the server has some code to prevent the mod from working. Because of this, the mod saves its configuration per server, so you can turn it on wherever it works without hampering servers where it doesn't.


This is a continuation of https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/stepup, which didn't get updated for a long time, and for which the author isn't planning to do a Fabric version.