Stay Warm Together

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Made for MMD Winterjam 2022 ⛄ 


Requires GeckoLib for Forge 1.19.2


The frozen biomes are now home to 3 unique, fun little critters to befriend! Introducing the Hearthjaw, Bloomina, and Rimeite Queen (details below)



Wintertime in the northern hemisphere is pretty cold, so what better way to warm up than with a new friend, around a pile of molten saliva! The Hearthjaw can be fed any furnace fuel to start producing Hearthgoop, which it places in dark areas to light it up.

More about the Hearthjaw

  • The Hearthjaw spawns in groups of 3-4 in snowy taigas
  • Cold Hearthjaws are blue and turn red when they are warm
  • Warm Hearthjaws look for blocks with light level 0 and spit Hearthgoop to light it up
  • Hearthjaws love to take naps around piles of Hearthgoop (nice and toasty!)



This curious critter looks more plant than animal, but it still wants to be your friend! Bloominas glow brightly and light up their surroundings as they fly around. They have a close friendship with Hearthjaws and even feed them when given the opportunity. Feed Hearthgoop to 2 Bloominas and they will plant a flower, the Bloomina Bud, which will hatch into a new baby Bloomina!



More about the Bloomina

  • The Bloomina spawns in small groups in snowy taigas and swamps
  • Bloominas hide in their shells when hurt, granting them a small armor boost
  • Bloominas love to feed Hearthjaws! When you give a Bloomina a wheat seed, it will cook it into charcoal and feed a nearby Hearthjaw to warm it up. In return, Hearthjaws defend Bloominas who are hurt
  • When you hold a Bloomlight on a Stick, nearby Bloominas will flock to wherever you are looking, allowing you to see just a little further into the darkness
  • Undead monsters and Illagers hate the Bloomina and the light it provides, and they will attack at first sight


Rimeite Queen

On her own, the Rimeite Queen is weak and helpless. So she spawns Rimeites who build a fortress-like igloo around her, using snow that she collects on her back. Help her out, and she may allow you to take some of the pretty snow bricks to use in your builds!

More about the Rimeite Queen and Rimeite

  • The Rimeite Queen collects snow that she turns into bricks. Her children carry the bricks on their backs to build the igloo
  • You can give the Rimeite Queen snowballs, snow blocks, or buckets of water to help her create snow
  • Rimeites live to protect the queen. They will defend her against hungry spiders and naughty players
  • When hurt, Rimeites may throw the brick they are carrying in self-defense
  • Rimeites produce Rimeite Jelly, which can be harvested from holes in the wall using an empty bottle. Feed Rimeite Jelly to a Rimeite to convert it to a Queen


Blocks and Items

  • Hearthgoop: produced by Hearthjaws, feed it to Bloominas to breed them
  • Bloomlight: dropped by Bloominas when they die, use it to craft Bloom Lantern and Bloomlight on a Stick
  • Bloom Lantern: provides light and attracts nearby Bloominas
  • Bloomlight on a Stick: hold in your hand to direct Bloominas where to go
  • Snow Bricks: built by Rimeites out of snow collected by the Queen
  • Snow Bricks Jelly: special blocks that hold Rimeite Jelly. When full (jelly level = 3), you can use a glass bottle to remove it
  • Rimeite Jelly: feed it to a Rimeite to change it to a Rimeite Queen



  • Art and animations by VoutVouniern
  • Sound effects from, used under Creative Commons license


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