Stars Incubator

368 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 23, 2013 Game Version: 1.4.6  


Incubating stars is a dangerous art and must be done carefully. To create a star in this new version you first need a Star Base:

Star Base

Than compress it with obsidians to create a Star Core:

Star Core

Now, add some glowstones with some enderperls to create an Unstable Star:

Unstable Star

Take really care because this star is really unstable!

To make it stable, put it inside a furnance and you'll create a Star:


Finally, go to nether and use your star (right clicking it) and if you are lucky it will become a Nether Star (but if you are not lucky it will break in parts)

Nether Star

Mod Packs

I'm not a boring guy, ask me and I'll probably allow you to include it in your modpack. But ask me first.


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