Uranium Big Reactor

131,678 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.10.2  

This is a simple mod that register a new type of reactant to the reactors from Extreme Reactors (also known as Big Reactors).



The new reactant accepts IndustrialCraft's Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel and any item that is registered in the ore dictionary as "uraniumFuel" or any fluid named "uraniumfuel" as fuel source.


The Reactor Fuel Rods blocks will show a green liquid when uranium fuel is used and will produce cyanite when the uranium is depleted (might change to plutonium in future versions)


This mod also makes the Big Reactors accept IC2 Coolant and liquid UU-Matter as coolant blocks.


This project was created based on the modification to the Big Reactors mod that Saereth did and shared on reddit and github under MIT license. Thank you Saereth.


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