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This mod is the spiritual successor to StacksOnStacks.

With this mod you can build piles of items in your world.


There a 2 types of piles:

Ingot Pile for ingots


and Any Pile which accepts any item. 



To place a pile, press key P (configurable) while holding an item in your main hand.

If you hold an ingot, an Ingot Pile will be placed. Otherwise it's an Any Pile.

It should work with any ingot that is registered in the ore dictionary.

If an ingot is not registered ,you can add it manually in the config.



Pile Stick - A stick you can change properties of a pile with.

Right-click on a pile to change properties

Right-click anywhere to change the mode of the stick.

To adjust the number of the stick open your inventory, hover over the stick and use the scroll wheel. (-1 to remove the property)

Persistence  - If enabled the pile can't be emptied. It will stay with one item at least

Black/White - Change between blacklist and whitelist

Black+ - Add items to blacklist

Black- - Remove items from blacklist

White+ - Add items to whitelist

White- - Remove items from whitelist

Minimum - Set minimum amount for an item

Maximum - Set maximum amount for an item

Move - Move the pile to another location

To adjust item-related properties (blacklist, whitelist,...) put the relevant item right next to the stick into your hotbar.



Hoppers, pipes and storage systems can interact with the bottom block a pile.




 The amount of items per block and visual items per item are configurable.



  • Left-Click: Extract one item from the pile.
  • Left-Click+Shift: Extract an entire stack from the pile.
  • Right-Click: Insert held stack into the pile.
  • Right-Click+Ctrl: Insert one item from held stack into the pile.
  • Right-Click with empty hand: Insert every item from your inventory that equals the item, the player is looking at, into the pile.





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