Squirting syringe

12,834 Downloads Last Updated: May 1, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2   +3

latest version requies 0.13.0 version of fabric loader


   visit cebuliony.pl/squirting_syringe to view full docs of this mod!

Squirting syringe is a mod with syringes which have different effects. you can create any syringe you like.

this mod includes:

- heal syringe

- warrior syringe

- ghost syringe

- mining syringe

- falling syringe

- mushroom syringe

- luck syringe

- fire syringe

- focus syringe

- remove syringe

and one item to create syringes:

- syringe 💉

Now you can create syringes to fast heal, faster mining, easier fighting and much more.


 Do I plan forge edition? 

- nope

 feel free to comment!



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