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Terraria style. This mod adds rich coded accessories from Terraria. There are totals of 25 accessories, including 3 boots and 3 informational accessories.

I tried to balance these items perfectly, but if you have any suggestions to buff/nerf some accessories you can write to me on discord .Sizzurp#0528, or write on GitHub page. Have any new item idea? Write to me also.

All items you can insert into given Trinket slot. There are 3 informational items (displays info on left-mid screen), the rest are items that you put in right trinket slot.

SA eq

Where can I find these items?

- most items generates in vanilla chests e.g. village chests or any other vanilla structure


A bit of showcase. Few items for demonstration.



 > Trinkets



 > Cloth config


Any other problems/suggestions post on Github.


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