Spoiled Eggs

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Spoiled eggs is a small vanilla-like addition that adds spoiled eggs and zombie chickens to the game.


This mod requires Iceberg, you can download it here. 



  • Spoiled Eggs


These eggs cannot be used in recipes, but instead cause poison damage when thrown and can hatch into zombie chickens.

You can receive spoiled eggs by leaving eggs on the ground until they would normally expire, or rarely by finding them in villages or shipwrecks.  Once a zombie chicken hatches and becomes an adult, it will also occasionally lay spoiled eggs.


  • Zombie Chickens

Zombie chickens are cute, but in large enough numbers they can be deadly.  Zombie chickens are hostile to players, as well as foxes and ocelots (payback!).  They are considered by other animals to be chickens and are undead. 



Client / Server

This mod needs to be installed on both the client and server.



Can be configured to enable zombie chickens to naturally spawn from spoiled eggs when they expire.  This setting can allow for zombie chickens to be naturally encountered in the world, but will make it fairly likely that zombie chickens will eventually appear in chicken farms, so be aware of that.  You can also allow chicken jockeys to spawn with zombie chickens with a configuration option and zombie chickens burning in sunlight can be toggled.


You are free to use this mod in modpacks.


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