Spider Man Mod

26,639 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 1, 2013 Game Version: 1.4.7  

Ever wanted to leap around like a crazy spider? Envious of the spider's ability to climb almost anything? Ever wanted to trap your foes in a web then slowly punch them to death while they could do nothing but watch? If you answered yes to any of the above... you're a psychopath.

This mod adds all of the above and more! Cling to ceilings, climb ANY block and run like a maniac!


And armour out of this silk as normal!


- Double super high jump - No fall damage - Cling to any wall - Stick to any ceiling by holding space when in contact - Trap enemies with the explosive WEB shot by pressing Z (can remap in config file) -MORE FEATURES COMING IN FUTURE UPDATES!!!


1. Download and install FORGE 2. Download .zip mod file and place into the /mods folder in .minecraft 3. If you get any Item or Block ID clashes with other mods, use the included config file in the /config folder in .minecraft to change it! I WON'T reply to those who's minecraft crashes due to that!!!


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