Slender Man Mod


== TRAILER! ==

==Description== Throughout the ages, the mysterious entity known as the Slenderman has invaded people's minds, art and stories.

He has abducted numerous children, killed countless souls and driven many to insanity. And now, he's invaded minecraft!

This mod is not for the light hearted. The slenderman is a terrifying creature, capable of teleportation, disappearing and making you ­ your pants.

What's in this mod?

  • He appears Extremely rarely, mainly in Forest biomes.
  • Once he notices you, you'll see a message saying he's found you. You have 50 seconds to get away or else he'll follow you until you die or until you kill him.
  • He can be killed with any sword on Easy mode, but only with the Slender Sword or the Diamond sword on Normal and above.
  • If you look at him, you'll receive blindness and nausea for a few seconds during which time he'll actively attack you and try to kill you.
  • As long as he's in your field of view he won't move. But look away or have your line of sight blocked and he'll disappear, all the while coming closer!
  • He can break all light sources.
  • He can break glass, doors and trapdoors.
  • Once killed, there's a chance he'll drop a child soul. Use these to craft special slender armor which gives you bonus protection vs. Slender Man for example, the Slender Mask allows you to look at the slender man and reduces the chance of ill effects to 5% (as opposed to 80%)
  • New Block added called Slender Spawner. If placed above two black wool it will allow slender men to spawn in your world. This is randomly placed in the World when you create a new one, and if you find it and destroy it it stops the slender men!
  • No I won't add the Slender Pages/ Torch/ Etc.
  • If you want to play the Slender Game, do so or check out Slender Reimagined. The guy who made it did a better job than I ever could have done so if you're looking for a slender game equivalent this isn't the mod for you. I made this mod to add the Slender Man to the Game, not the Slender Game to the game.
  • That said, download and go ­ your pants!

) Happy slender hunting!

== Use Forge!!!!!! ==

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1. Install the latest FORGE 2. Unzip SlenderMan.zip 3. Open the folder inside and drag and drop contents into your .minecraft folder.