Spicy chef

This project has been developed for a few days and i don't think this mod will continue to be updated, but I will add new versions!
If we collect enough money, then most likely the new mod will come out faster. Support me on my boosty - https://boosty.to/ovonsame.creator

The mod will add new arrmor
-chef cup
-chef costume
This armor is almost the same as leather armor.

Also this mod will add chili pepper and the spiciest chili pepper.
If the player eats them, they will receive a new effect - spicy and if the player eats the spiciest chili pepper, he will get a new achievement - spicy to the death
This effect will deal damage to the player and the player will be able to run fast while this effect is active.
Chili pepper or its seeds can be obtained from the farmer and chili peppers have 3 growth stages.

License: all rights reserved