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Character leveling up

This mod is very unique, because there are very few mods for leveling up your character! This project has been developed for a 4 months and i don't think this mod will continue to be updated, but I will add new versions!


If you play with this mod on a modpack you must install an addon for mod - CL configuration


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This mod add leveling system and all tools and blocks require a levels. The require level is always random, but there is always a balance. All elements are distributed into 4 groups.

To level up leveling element you must have leveling point and if you want to get it you must earn quantity points that displays in player inventory and they can be obtained by mining blocks or placing them, killing entities, crafting an item and when receiving an achievement. You can see your points and leveling points in your inventory below.  And the elements require a level of leveling as well as a certain level of another level, this will be displayed in the Gui. Your current levels will also be displayed in the GUI. If you use an item that is inaccessible by level, you will be told that you cannot use it and negative effects will be imposed. Will also happen when placing inaccessible blocks.

If you do not want to see green text in the player’s action panel, then turn off showing green text in the game rules. This is a new rule of the game. To open some interfaces from minecraft and the create mod you will need intelligence.

Leveling elements:
Group organism:

  • health - max level 60, add health
  • speed - max level 50, add speed
  • swim speed - max level 50, add swim speed
  • stamina - max level 220, require for tools.
  • reach distance - max level 20, add reach distance
  • intelligence - max level 110, require for tools.
  • knockback resistance - max level 50, add knockback resistance

Group combat:

  • fighting - max level 220, require for tools.
  • damage - max level 20, add more damage
  • attack speed - max level 80, add attack speed
  • attack range - max level 20, add attack range
  • attack knockback - max level 20, add attack knockback
  • armor - max level 20, add more armor
  • shooting - max level 80, require for bows and crossbows

Group mining:

  • mining - max level 70, require for tools.
  • luck - max level 50, add more luck
  • construction - max level 50, require for blocks.

Group knowledge:

  • necromancy - max level 150
  • magic - max level 180
  • astronomy - max level 160
  • rhetoric - max level 100
  • alchemy - max level 100
  • breaking open - max level 50
  • art - max level 80
  • occultism - max level 180
  • archeology  - max level 120
  • cooking - max level 60
  • fishing - max level 60
  • engineering - max level 150
  • botania - max level 120

New bone tools have also been added for balance. They require a low level. They are made from bones and thread. There is also now a chance to knock out bones and threads from the essence.

Make addon:

You can make addons for this mod. You can do it using code or through the MCreator program with my plugin - link. To do it, look at the instructions - soon

You can change required item, entity levels and player levels.

Supported languages: English.

License: all rights reserved

  The reach distance and attack range element does not work on version1.18.2 and 1.20.1 of forge.