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Spice of Life Onion

This fork requries CreativeCore. 

A mod designed to encourage dietary variety! This project is a fork of Spice of Life: Sweet Potato Edition >> Spice of Life: Potato Edition >> Spice of Life: Carrot Edition. It does so by rewarding the player with benefits when eating diverse.


  • Support for newer Minecraft versions 1.20+ - Will get updated with every new update
  • Powerful and easy configuration - Use the command /cmdconfig

  • Food Book - The food book gives you all the information you need to know, including your current diversity score, all of the foods you've eaten in the past that are currently contributing to your diversity, and what benefits you have unlocked and can unlock. The food book GUI can also be accessed with a hotkey (unbound by default), if you don't want to carry around a physical item.
  • Lunchbag and Lunchbox - That's right, the lunchbag and lunchbox from the original Spice of Life are back! They function similarly, by holding food items and automatically selecting the food that will give you the maximum diversity increase (or the minimum diversity loss).
  • /solonion diversity - Tells you your current diversity score. The score is easily accessed with the Food Book, but this offers another convenient way to do it.
  • /solonion clear - Clears the stored list of foods a player has eaten and resets their benefits. This is useful for testing when editing the config or when you want to start over.
  • /solonion sync - Forces a sync of the food list to the client, for when something went wrong and it's mismatched.
  • Support for modded attributes like AttributeFix
  • Works with PlayerRevive


  • For earlier versions: Try Sweet Potato Edition.
    • Version prior Minecraft 1.20 will not be supported