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Have you dreamed of being able to cast magic like a real wizard? Tired of non configurable spells? Well then this is the mod for you!

Spelled is a mod that let's you cast a set of spells, but you're able to modify spells in different ways!


Want a giant green fireball? Done. Want to break blocks with a purple sphere? Easy! All you need to do is know the words, and type them out in order in chat.

You can configure almost every single aspect of the spell, and some modifiers can be stacked to really up the ante.


To learn new spells you need to find the tomes which are scattered in loot chests or sold by Wandering traders, and there are a lot of choices to pick from! Collect all the words, and unleash your imagination!


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I start? Check the pages guide <here>



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For questions feel free to join my Discord.

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