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This mod will spoil your food over time. Currently all food items spoil after 1 day.


You can stop food from spoiling by placing it inside a shulker box.



The mod contains a client config and a server config.

In the Client config you can change if the food tooltip shows percentages or freshness.

In the Server config you can specify which containers do not increase food spoilage.


You can add / remove food spoilage using CraftTweaker. For information about how to you can check the Wiki tab


This mod is mainly intended as a tool for modpack developers while there are some default things in place this mod will work the best with other mods. For example adding cooking for blockheads and setting the fridge as a cooler. (As an example to make the Cooking for Blockheads fridge not spoil your food you add "FridgeTileEntity" to the containerBlacklist in the Spoiled config)


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