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Filename spectrite-1.6.3.jar
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Uploaded Oct 31, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 10.02 MB
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MD5 101b5af1068ac6fa850c211a35260cfc
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8



  • Rename Spectrite tools and weapons to Diamond Spectrite and Perfect Spectrite to Spectrite
  • Add Spectrite Enderman entity
  • Add Spectrite Anvil block
  • Add Diamond Spectrite Arrow item
  • Add 8 new potion effects: Berserk, Lightweight, Prosperity, Agility, Amphibious, Endurance, Resilience, Spectrite Power
  • Add Spectrite Mob spawn eggs
  • Change Spectrite Orb to provide any combination of 7 effects where orbs can be combined via a Spectrite Anvil and effects can be added to Spectrite Armour the same way
  • Change default Spectrite Orb duration to 90s
  • Add Spectrite Damage to Spectrite Tools and Wither Rods and increase Spectrite Damage on Spectrite Swords (Spectrite Tools now inflict comparable damage to Spectrite Weapons)
  • Remove passive regeneration from Spectrite Armour and replace with an additional Spectrite Resistance level
  • Double attack cooldown on Spectrite Weapons (including bows) and change Superchromaticity bonus from a Spectrite Damage level increase to half cooldown like tools
  • Change Spectrite Damage formula and increase max level available (without creative mode) from 5 to 6
  • Increase Spectrite Weapon and Tool attack power and combine attack power with Spectrite Damage instead of overriding
  • Change potion brewing recipes: Spectrite Bone -> Spectrite Resistance, Spectrite Dust -> Spectrite Strength, Spectrite Brick -> Spectrite Damage
  • Change Spectrite Mob max health to 2.5x the max health of their Vanilla counterparts
  • Change Spectrite mob sounds to dynamically pitch shifting versions of the Vanilla entity sounds
  • Decrease the chances of getting a Superchromaticity book in a Spectrite chest
  • Improve hit positions of Spectrite Damage, particularly on tall entities like golems
  • Cut the default generation chance of a Spectrite Skull structure in half
  • Change Spectrite Skeleton drops to only drop when killed by players
  • Tweak Spectrite Dungeon spawn chances
  • Fix inconsistencies in Spectrite Axe and Spectrite Shovel animations
  • Fix Spectrite Golems not created by a player attacking other Spectrite Mobs after bumping into them
  • Fix endermen disappearing when being hit by Spectrite Damage
  • Fix Spectrite Chest not rendering when its main block goes out of view
  • Fix possible crash when generating the Spectrite Dungeon
  • Fix problems with renaming of Spectrite items through an anvil due to text colours
  • Fix bug with Spectrite Damage particles and negative coordinates
  • Remove chance of Spectrite Skull structure spawning within a Spectrite Dungeon, possibly cutting off routes and/or providing an unintended alternate way in and out
  • Add basic Tinker's Construct support
  • Add Epic rarity to Molten Spectrite fluid
  • Remove last 3 Spectrite Armour bonus modes since they were extremely overpowered and didn't fit well with gameplay
  • Change Japanese translation of Spectrite from 虹石 to スペクトライト since its reading was ambiguous


  • Add Missing Spectrite Anvil recipe


  • Fix crash in creative inventory when using certain mods


  • Fix another instance of the same crash from 1.6.2