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Filename spectrite-1.4.6-1.12.jar
Uploaded by FlashfireEX
Uploaded Aug 14, 2017
Game Version 1.12
Size 11.17 MB
Downloads 3,544
MD5 584d98c2973c7ea73aefa52535bc8b8f
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



  • Rename mod from "Spectrite Mod" to "Spectrite" (older versions will become incompatible with a world once this version or newer is run)
  • Add Spectrite Blaze mob
  • Add Spectrite Fire
  • Add Spectrite Skull structure containing 1 high tier chest and 5 mob spawners (2 Spectrite Skeleton, 2 Spectrite Wither Skeleton, 1 Spectrite Blaze), can spawn in Overworld and Nether
  • Add new items: Spectrite Dust, Spectrite Bone, Spectrite Blaze Rod, Spectrite Blaze Powder, Spectrite Wither Skeleton Skull
  • Add new blocks: Spectrite Bone Block, Spectrite Glass, Spectrite Wither Skeleton Skull
  • Add custom loot tables to Spectrite mobs
  • Add Spectrite Potion as base for existing Spectrite potions
  • Add Spectrite potion brewing recipes
  • Remove Spectrite Armor effects while starving
  • Make Spectrite Golems slightly rarer in Spectrite Dungeons
  • Fix Spectrite Dungeon saved data not working properly
  • Fix Spectrite Compass crash bug
  • Fix Spectrite Stairs perspective while in hand
  • Fix bug where Spectrite Tools can break harder adjacent blocks than the center block
  • Fix bug where, when not crouching, Spectrite tools will not show a selection box on ineffective blocks
  • Fix Spectrite Creepers not being able to randomly replace creepers
  • Add version checker
  • Reuse reflected methods and fields for better performance
  • Add single animationless texture for Spectrite Armour in case of using another mod that overwrites the player's armour renderer which would previously make Spectrite Armour show a missing texture
  • Add missing temperature category for Spectrite Dungeon Biome


  • Fix Spectrite Blaze fireball too overpowered


  • Fix incorrect mod folder name due to gradle caching


  • Fix update checker using old Curse URL for download link


  • Fix updater notifier failed message
  • Add missing mod info


  • Fix beacon field reflection issues