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Filename spectrite-1.5.4.jar
Uploaded by FlashfireEX
Uploaded Sep 4, 2017
Game Version 1.12.1
Size 9.08 MB
Downloads 1,754
MD5 b7b77caecc20505935c68ed634840509
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8


  • Add changing map colour for Spectrite blocks
  • Change Spectrite Wither to not drop its parts when not killed by a living entity
  • Change Spectrite Compass recipe to require 4 Spectrite Blocks instead of just 8 Spectrite Gems
  • Fix Spectrite Axe and Shovel running harvest code for effective blocks on highlight
  • Add configurable chance of Spectrite Creeper replacing mobs in Spectrite Skull structure
  • Add configurable chances of Spectrite Skeleton carrying a sword and Spectrite Wither Skeleton carrying a bow
  • Replace Spectrite Skull chest with a mid-tier regular chest and add configurations to use a Spectrite Chest and/or high-tier chest
  • Change Spectrite Orb Superchromaticity bonus from extra regeneration level to a half-cooldown since it was overpowered as it was
  • Add area effect cloud to Spectrite Blaze fireballs
  • Move Spectrite blocks and items to custom creative tab
  • Change name colours of some items
  • Add OreDictionary entries
  • Change update notifier link to CurseForge since Curse can take a long time to update
  • Add config for disabling update check
  • Fix translucent player hand bug
  • Fix Spectrite Wither Skeleton sword drop rate not being set correctly
  • Fix Spectrite Wither custom attributes not saving correctly
  • Fix Spectrite Skull chest not populating with loot sometimes
  • Fix Spectrite Tool block break texture appearing on multiple blocks while sneaking
  • Fix Spectrite Bow tooltip info not displaying