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Filename spectrite-1.5.3.jar
Uploaded by FlashfireEX
Uploaded Sep 2, 2017
Game Version 1.12.1
Size 9.07 MB
Downloads 1,435
MD5 8e3f3b6dcde526295e6bd5c25298a9fc
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



  • Add Spectrite Wither boss
  • Add config categories to make it more user friendly
  • Add new blocks: Spectrite Wither Skull, Invulnerable Spectrite Wither Skull
  • Add new items: Spectrite Wither Skull, Invulnerable Spectrite Wither Skull, Spectrite Wither Torso, Invulnerable Spectrite Wither Torso, Spectrite Wither Tail, Invulnerable Spectrite Wither Tail, Spectrite Wither Rod, Invulnerable Spectrite Wither Rod, Spectrite Star
  • Make Spectrite Damage respect armour
  • Change Spectrite Orb to have a passive effect with a better effect with activation and a longer cooldown (now configurable)
  • Replace Spectrite Orb texture to fit better with other items
  • Change method of implementing animated Spectrite Armour so that it is no longer incompatible with certain mods
  • Perfect Spectrite item entities now resist lava for a long time and last longer before despawning
  • Move Spectrite item information to the bottom to fit better with Vanilla attributes
  • Allow Spectrite mobs to spawn anywhere instead of restricting to skull structures for free use of spawners for farming, etc.
  • Change Spectrite block top and bottom textures to always tile with their other faces
  • Change Spectrite mob experience values to match the difficulty of the mob (finally!)
  • Change Spectrite tools to break glass efficiently
  • All explosion and smoke particles caused by Spectrite sources replaced with colourful versions
  • Improve Spectrite Damage explosion effects
  • Add block damage textures for AOE Spectrite Tool blocks
  • Change Spectrite Tools to allow harvesting AOE blocks with Silk Touch
  • Add durability to Spectrite Wither Skeleton Skull and increase its armour toughness
  • Add custom damage source for Spectrite Damage
  • Fix Spectrite Double Chest glitchy break texture
  • Reduce file size for most images
  • Add Spectrite Arrow cooldown support to custom bows
  • Fix Spectrite Ore overworld generation using incorrect maximum height (how did I not notice this before?)
  • Add crafting recipe for Spectrite Sand
  • Add smelting recipes for Spectrite Sand -> Spectrite Glass and Spectrite Ore -> Spectrite Gem and increase Spectrite Chest smelting experience
  • Fix Spectrite structures still generating when generate structures is turned off for a world
  • Fix Spectrite still being called Spectrite Mod in various places
  • Change update checker URL (unfortunately, the previous checker will no longer work)
  • Remove various unused code


  • Fix Spectrite Wither using radial attack in easy mode
  • Fix Spectrite Wither always using enhanced radial attack


  • Fix Perfect Spectrite Bow taking more damage than intended when shooting Spectrite Arrows
  • Add recipe to craft Spectrite Star into 5 Nether Stars


  • Fix Spectrite Wither Skeleton using Spectrite Skeleton loot table (preventing drop of skulls)
  • Lower exp increases for Spectrite Skeletons from equipment
  • Fix Spectrite Armour and Spectrite Healing Orb healing player while starving