Special Drops

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This Mod Adds A Special Drop to Every Single Mob in the Game (60+ Mobs)

All of the Special Drops have Unique Abilities, Depending on thier Rarity

There are 5 Different Rarities of Loot and Higher Rarities are A lot Rarer than Others

Special Drops are Obtained by Killing Mobs, Each Looting Level Increase the Chance by 25%

If you do get a Special Drop, There will be lots of particles depending on Rarity

Special Drops can be New Armor, New Weapons, New Tools, New Special Items and More

There are 5 Rarities, Each have a unique Color and Chance of Dropping.

The Rarity of the Item is shown in the Item name or the Particles, which appear when the Item Drops

Looting Enchanting help the chances by 25% each level

With Looting 3 You are increasing the Chance by 75% of the Normal Chance.


Common - 3% - 1 in 33 - Gray

Uncommon - 1.5% - 1 in 66 - Green

Rare - 1% - 1 in 100 - Blue

Epic - 0.5% - 1 in 200 - Purple

Legendary - 0.2% - 1 in 500 - Yellow


Common Chance with Looting 3 is 5.25%

 Item Name - Description - Mob

Cod Head - *Water Breathing when in Water* - Cod

Chicken Feet - *Slow Fall When Worn* - Chicken

Horse Pickaxe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Horse

Mule Axe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Mule

Donkey Shovel - *Haste Effect When Held* - Donkey

Vindicator Axe - *A Very Sharp Axe for an Expert* - Vindicator

Endermite Bite - *Launches enemies into the Sky* - Endermite

Sharp Blaze Rod - *Sharp Weapon from the Nether* - Blaze

Squid Bottle - *Blindness Effect On Drink* - Squid 

 Item Name - Description - Mob

Strider Head - *Fire Resistance when Worn* - Strider

Sheep Chestplate - *Resistance when it's Day* - Sheep

Bat Leggings - *Gain Speed when no Sky * - Bat

Creeper Leggings - *Blast Protection When Worn* - Creeper

Tropical Fish Leggings - *Water Breathing When in Water* - Tropical Fish

Rabbit Feet - *Jump-Boost When Worn* - Rabbit

Fish Bone Sword - *Applies Poison to Entites* - Cat

Spider Fang - *Sharpness when Held* - Spider

Panda Pickaxe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Panda

Llama Axe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Llama

Polar Bear Shovel - *Haste Effect When Held* - Polar Bear

Fox Berries - *Fire Resistance when Eaten* - Fox

Hugechop - *Health-Boost When Eaten* - Pig

Grand Mooshroom Stew - *Very Saturating Mooshroom Stew* - Mooshroom

 Item Name - Description - Mob

Bee Head - *Chance to hit Attackers with Poison* - Bee

Elder Guardian Chestplate - *Negates Weakness When Worn* - Elder Guardian

Ocelot Boots - *Speed Effect When Worn* - Ocelot

Cave Spider Fang - *Poison Enemies on Hit*,*Sharpness when Held* - Cave Spider

Stray Dagger - *Weakens Hit Entities* - Stray

Evoker Staff - Right-Click Ability:,*Summon Evoker Fangs* - Evoker

Skeleton Horse Pickaxe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horse Axe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Skeleton Horse

Skeleton Horse Shovel - *Haste Effect When Held* - Skeleton Horse

Guardian Eye - Right-Click Ability:,*Remove Mining Fatigue Effect* - Guardian

Spikey Snow Ball - *Deals Damage and Slowness on Hit Entity* - Snow Man

Axolotl Head - *Night-Vision and Conduit Power below Y48* - Axolotl


 Item Name - Description - Mob

Ghast Head - *Chance to Heal When Hurt* - Ghast

Cow Chestplate - *Regeneration When Worn* - Cow

Pufferfish Chestplate - *Thorny When Worn* - Pufferfish

Skeleton Chestplate - *Chance for Strength When killing Entites* - Skeleton

Salmon Leggings -  *Dolphin's Grace when in Water* - Salmon

Pillager Leggings - *Highly Projectile Protected* - Pillager

Dolphin Boots - *Dolphin's Grace When in Water* - Dolphin

Silverfish Boots - When Sneaking:,*Gain Speed* - Silverfish

Piglin Sword - *Sets Entities on Fire* - Piglin

Zombified Piglin Sword - *Poisons Hit Entities* - Zombified Piglin

Shulker Dagger - *Levitation to Hit Entities* - Shulker

Enderman Bane - *Deadly Weapon for Destruction* - Enderman

Wither Skeleton Sword - *Withering Attacks Destroy Enemies* - Wither Skeleton

Zombie Sword - Right-Click Ability:,*Heal 1/4 of Max Health* - Zombie

Husk Sword - Right-Click Ability:,*Restore 1/4 Hunger*,*Weakness to Hit Entities* - Husk

Hoglin Tusk - *Launches Mobs into the Air* - Hoglin 

Trader Llama Pickaxe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Trader Llama

Trader Llama Axe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Trader Llama

Trader Llama Shovel - *Haste Effect When Held* - Trader Llama

Witch Special - *Made with the Best Ingredients* - Witch

Glow Squid Lantern - Right-Click Ability:,*Highlight Nearest Entity in 20 Blocks* - Glow Squid


 Item Name - Description - Mob

Wolf Head - *Strength When Worn* - Wolf

Turtle Chestplate - *Resistance when Worn*,*Conduit Power when in Water* - Turtle

Ravager Chestplate - *Chestplate of Resistance* - Ravager

Iron Golem Leggings - *Resistance When Worn* - Iron Golem

Slime Boots - *All Attacks Slow Enemies*,*Jump-Boost When Worn* - Slime

Magma Boots - *Adds Fire to all Attacks* - Magma

Zoglin Tusk - *Launches Mobs into the Air*,*Poisons Hit Enemies* - Zoglin

Emerald Blade - On Entity Kill:,*Chance for an Emerald Drop* - Wandering Trader

Brute Axe - *Deadliest Weapon from the Nether* -  Piglin Brute

Vex Dagger - *Fastest Weapon Ever Forged* - Vex

Phantom Pickaxe - *Most Fortunate Pickaxe* - Phantom

Zombie Villager Axe - *Haste Effect When Held* - Zombie Villager

Zombie Villager Shovel - *Haste Effect When Held* - Zombie Villager

Vilager Hero Buff - Right-Click Ability:,*Gain Villager Hero Buff* - Villager

Goat Goatee - Right-Click Ability:,*Power of The Goats above Y128* - Goat 



 As I update the Mod through newer Version, I will be adding new drops to all of the New Mobs

If You find any Bugs or have suggestion, let me know.


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