Spartan Shields

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Filename SpartanShields-1.13.2-2.0.0-alpha-3.jar
Uploaded by ObliviousSpartan
Uploaded Aug 23, 2019
Game Version Forge
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MD5 ad76496413fa37a8818a669a9ce2289e
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Java 8
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-Hotfix: Placed the Network Packet initialization method outside of a deferred work thread. This should hopefully fix any issues some people have with attempting to do a Shield Bash and causing a crash. Additionally, this should hopefully fix a Recipe Condition error when the Recipe Condition is not initialized due to the same problem.


Changes in 2.0.0 alpha 2:

- Hotfix: Fixed Tower Shield Registration for applying TileEntityItemStackRenderers to them. It caused Dedicated Servers to prevent the mod from registering all it's items, which leads to the crash below.

- Hotfix: Fixed a Crash when the Shield Banner Recipe Serializer didn't recognise the item being passed within. It threw a IllegalArgumentException, causing a crash. This has been changed to throw a JSONSyntaxException, and will no longer cause a crash.

- Hotfix: Added a sanity check to ensure the network channel is valid before sending a packet to the server. This should hopefully prevent Shield Bashing causing a client crash.

- Tweak: Changed the network channel name so something more appropriate.