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551 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

I am in the process of porting SA to 1.15.2+.  There will be no more updates for 1.12. I will not be porting to 1.13 or 1.14.


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic..."


Spalding's Additions is tech mod / general additions mod with a twist!




Dimensional Fabricator:


The DF uses the magical energy inherent in lapis, usually used for enchanting, to alter the physical properties of items and convert them to another by channeling them through a pocket version of the other dimensions in Minecraft and infusing them with the energies of that dimension.


Each conversion requires the creation of a "Dimensional Card" created with elements from that Dimension and a special new metal found in the overworld, Vendar. The current cards (Nether and End) both require items that, even in large, varied modpacks, will most likely require actually having to have been to said dimension.  All conversions come at the (sometimes hefty) cost of Lapis Lazuli, though there might be better fuels out there if you experiment...



Some examples of these conversions include:


Stone to Endstone

Stone to Netherrack

Water to Lava

Water to Ice

Apples to Chorus Fruit

Glass to Obsidian

Silver to ?????

Diamond to ?????

...and many more! (See JEI for a full list)


Recipes for the DF can be easily added via a config file. At the moment, only the Nether and the End are explicitly supported, but I will gladly add any others upon request.


Lapal Recombobulator


The Lapal Recombobulator harnesses the power of lapal energy to repair items to their former glory!  Rather than waste experience levels and hard-earned goods, just use a little lapis (and some other catalysts...) and your items will be as good as new in no time! Items may be blacklisted from repair in the config.  By default, all enchantments are lost upon repair in the LR, but there might be something you can make in the Fabricator that will help to protect them...


Enchantable Concentrator


You've harnessed the power of the lapal fabricator and have discovered the means to achieve near-infinite lapis-based energy.  What else can be done, you ask?  Well...  that's where the Enchantable Concentrator comes in! Place enchanted items in, get RF out! The EC extracts the energy within enchanted items and outputs it as redstone flux (or forge power, or any other interchangeable energy source).  There is also a peculiar waste by-product that can be combined with a poor unsuspecting apple to create a, well, a weird apple that has some particularly interesting effects when eaten.



Vendar is a magical metal which is perfect for lapis machine production, but its properties also make it ideal for use in hand-held tools.  However, in order to take full advantage of it, it must be used with two special Reinforced Handles, fastened from two diamonds and two leather for the wrapping.  The resulting tool is stronger, more durable and more enchantable than diamond.  Currently, the art of armor is out of reach though our best smiths are on the job...




Spalding's Additions also adds a wide-range of configurable world-generation options, including new foliage, new stones, and a few other surprises.


New Stones


In the overworld and the nether, new stone types have been spotted, including Shale, Slate, Marcasite, Pumice, (overworld) Alunite, Cormalite, and Umberstone. (nether)


All but Pumice are similar to Andesite, Granite and Diorite in their function and use. Pumice drops six polishing stones when mined, which can be used with any unpolished version of the above stones to polish it, rather than needing four in a 2x2 grid. This makes it handy for polishing up those last few stragglers!


New Trees


New trees have been added to the forests and the plains of your minecraft worlds: Yew and Copper Beech. These are large trees with unique designs and coloration for planks and doors.  In addition, you may, in deserts and some riverbeds, find the ancient remnants of long-extinct palms, petrified by the elements.  I wonder if there's a way to bring them back to life?




The barriers between dimensions are breaking down!  Occasionally, in the Nether, you may come across (configurable) patches of netherrack that have been infected with the raw energies of the End! These unsightly purple splotches are painful to walk on but clearing these so-called "endfections" may grant the knowledge required to transport End Portals from one area to another.  Rarely, these endfections will be found spreading from totems of endstone that have found their way into the wrong dimension, and, even more rarely still, a shulker will have found itself trapped in the nether as well. (Shulkers and Endfections can be disabled in config).  Through use of the Fabricator it might be possible to create the opposite effect...


Riddled Ores


Occasionally when mining coal you might find a coal ore that has something else in it. These riddled ores provide one coal and at least one of the ore with which it is riddled. Iron and Gold riddled coal ore support my other mod, How Fortunate! right out of the box.


And more...!


 If you have suggestions for more lapis-fueled content, please let me know!


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