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Sound Physics Fabric

NOTICE: This Mod is no longer being updated!
Dr. Rubisco is rewriting it as Resounding (Modrinth)


Sound Physics

Sound Physics is a Minecraft mod that uses efficient ray tracing to calculate realistic sound attenuation, reverberation, and absorption through blocks. It is fully configurable and new features are being developed all the time. It was ported to Fabric 1.17+ by vlad2305m and is maintained and developed by vlad2305m and thedocruby, featuring some improvements and contributions by daipenjer and henkelmax.

This mod is compatible with Plasmo Voice for the ultimate immersive proximity chat experience!

Notice: You may not be able to hear the effects of the mod at first. Only a very small difference is there initially, and it is hard to spot because it feels very natural. However, certain situations will make it obvious eventually. If you are still not satisfied, perhaps use a tried and tested config preset.

If You have trouble with lag when using this mod, go to the mod config and set the preset to "Performance"

[note: clear out the preset field to display all presets]

Many of the config presets are user contributed; Feel free to submit your favorite config on this page so I can create more config presets.