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Sound Events

This mod adds support for adding sounds to the following events:

chat message received
achievement(1.10 and 1.11 only)
baby entity spawn
crop grow
entity mount
entity struck by lightning
entity dimension change
item expire(item despawn)
item drop
entity xp drop
player dimension change
player respawn

player level up
player logged in
player logged out
player mount
player struck by lightning
post crafting
post smelting
player jump
player sleep
player wakeup


Depending on how the event is trigger each sound may have a setting to play the sound globally(tp all players in dim) and without a position(played to everyone as if they are the source of the sound). See config for more details such as adding custom sounds.


If you would like to request more features or events feel free to. I already have a few ideas I might add.

You may use this in you modpacks but if you can please make it download the mod through curse.