soulbound armory

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This mod implements 4 RPG-style weapons:

  • a soulbound dagger, a quick melee weapon that deals less damage than the other soulbound weapons;
  • a soulbound sword, a balance between the dagger and the greatsword;
  • a soulbound greatsword, a slow melee weapon that deals more damage and has twice the normal range; and
  • a soulbound staff, a ranged weapon that shoots things and can be found in Nether fortress chests with a 10% chance.

It also implements a soulbound pick, which is slow and weak at first but can be made faster and stronger.


The soulbound items can be leveled up by performing appropriate actions (attacking enemies and breaking blocks). Additional levels yield points that can be spent on their attributes, enchantments and skills, which modify their behaviors and grant them abilities. A custom key binding ("R" by default) opens a GUI that displays soulbound item statistics and in which their attributes, enchantments and skills can be modified.

To start, craft a wooden sword or a wooden pickaxe and press the menu key binding while holding it.

Due to multiple requests, here is a resource pack for those that find the number of uppercase letters in this mod disppointing.

If you have any issues or requests, then post them to the GitHub issue page.

Credits are to Silentine from TeamChocoQuest for the textures.


Soulbound items also have handy custom tooltips that display their statistics:

custom tooltip


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