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Soulbound Armory

Presenting: Soulbound Armory

This mod is part of Excalibur's CrateYogBox revival for 1.20.1


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Summon forth your armory through organic equipment



Press the default key-bind [R] while holding the summoning tool


Choose the form that suits your desired purpose

[choose wisely as you can only summon one of each type at a time]

[example: dagger, axe, helmet / sword, pick, chest plate]


Summoning a piece of gear will consume the summon tool

Once summoned, the cost to change form is free but with a cooldown

[bypass the cooldown by consuming another summon tool]



Soulbound Weapon Information


Dagger: short range, fast attack speed, low damage, ideal for close combat

Ability: Throw: Aim carefully and throw your dagger from the shadows

Sword: standard range, average attack speed, average damage, ideal for most situations

Ability: Block: Classic-Era blocking to reduce the impact of an attack


Bigsword: standard range, slower attack speed, higher damage, ideal for most situations

Ability: Charge: Launch yourself into battle or away from impending doom


Greatsword: long range, slow attack speed, high damage, advised for open areas

Ability: Leap: A vertical variant of the Charge ability of the Bigsword


Axe / Pickaxe / Shovel / Hoe: unbreakable variants of the vanilla tools, strengthened through destruction of their appropriate blocks

Helmet / Chestplate / Leggings / Boots: unbreakable variants of the vanilla armor, strengthened through non-fatal attacks


All Soulbound Gear levels through a custom experience meter tied to the piece of equipment


 This "Soul Meter" gains 1 attribute per level up, and 1 enchant point every 10 levels


Additionally, the tool has skill points gained every 5 levels


[available in the [R] Soulbound Armory GUI]



Exercise caution when updating from or to an alpha test version for it may cause a total loss of progress.

Textures Pre-3.0.0 by Silentine_

Textures Added Since 3.0.0 by brass_mccrafty