Starting with version 1.3 you must have Embers Rekindled installed to run Soot.

What is Soot?

Soot is an addon for Embers, to provide some improvements and additions to Embers content, while trying not to offset the feel of Embers too much.

What does Soot contain?

Ember Transmission upgrades/sidegrades The Ember Burst Spreader, which is roughly equivalent to the Ember Ejector, but each of the 5 sides pointing away from the Spreader can be bound to a different receiver.

An Alchemical Globe machine upgrade Can be attached to the Mixer Centrifuge to upgrade it to an alchemy-powered mixer.

Metal Leveling Metals can be transmuted into others (as a one-way process)

Antimony An alchemically synthesized material, whose green sheen can trick Villagers into believing that it's precious emerald.

Brewing Alcohol Alcohol can be brewed and refined and gives unique potion effects.

Machine Upgrades Attachable blocks that provide bonuses to Embers machines.

Scales and Trapdoor Bins To hopefully facilitate easier Alchemy automation.

What people say about Soot

"There are however a few genuine people out there, who make great mods and help raise up the community and bring the platform forward. Daedalus is not one of those. There is no point in arguing with him. I would suggest avoiding his mod." - LexManos

"Cam I has link to? Never heard of it Sounds cool o3o" - HMUBUUOOGHOGOHOOBU!??

"Mod's alright I suppose, but the sounds are pretty good." - TechnoMysterio, Soot Sound Designer


If you're looking to contact me about this project, head to my Discord.