Solar Apocalypse: Refabricated

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This mod starts a Solar Apocalypse. Water is no longer infinite.

For the first two days nothing happens.

From the third day and beyond grass and mycelium start turning to dirt when exposed to the daylight (/time set 3d to skip to this phase).

From the fifth day and beyond flammable blocks get set on fire in daylight, meltable blocks melt in daylight, water evaporates in daylight, and most blocks that are made of organic matter get destroyed in daylight (/time set 5d to skip to this phase).

From the seventh day and beyond mobs and players will burn when exposed to daylight (/time set 7d to skip to this phase).

You can also pick if Coarse Dirt turns to Sand and what phase that happens.

Each phase can be enabled and disabled in the config and the day each phase starts can also be modified in the config.

The size of the sun increases each phase. This can be modified in the config for each phase.  

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Get the Day Dream mod so you can sleep during the day to make it night!

Get the Daylight Mobs Reborn mod and enable the toggle that allows hostile mobs to spawn during the day! No mobs will burn in the day and you'll have an even bigger challenge trying to survive.  
Required Dependencies:


Fabric API

Fabric Language Kotlin

Cloth Config API (Fabric)

Mod Menu  
Before and After:

image image  
Status Effects:

A Sunscreen status effect was created and will only be given to you if you die and spawn in an unsafe area, you will be given it for 2 minutes so you have time to take shelter while the sun is out.  
Notice: Since this mod is under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3) you can do whatever the license says you can, everything below are just some guidelines I'd like you guys to follow.  

Yes you can use this mod in your modpack as long as you aren't selling the modpack (Optional donations are okay but no pop-up ads or anything like ad.fly) and as long as you link this page for the mod.  

NO! You may NOT rehost (reupload) this mod on any website you have to link back to this page if you want to make a post about this mod.  
Known Bugs:

So far none, if you run into a bug be sure to report your issue under the Issues tab (and be sure to follow the Issue template!).  
Forge Port:

This mod will never be ported to Forge by me. If you want to play with a mod like this on Forge check out this unofficial Forge port.  

Yes this mod can be used on your server! It's needed on both the client and on the server.