Better Withered Mobs

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This mod adds Withered Bones, Withered Bone Meal, Withered Bone Blocks, and a Potion of Decay! Withered mobs no longer drop regular Bones and only drop Withered Bones (This can be disabled in the config).  

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Required Dependencies:


Fabric API

Fabric Language Kotlin

Cloth Config API (Fabric)

Mod Menu  

This mod makes it so Wither Skeletons have a chance to drop Withered Bones and will no longer drop regular Bones (This can be disabled in the config).

If you have the Better Nether mod the Naga and the Skull will also drop Withered Bones and will no longer drop regular Bones (This can be disabled in the config).

A withered bone has the same drop rates as a normal bone.  

9 Withered Bone Blocks = 1 Wither Skeleton Skull

1 Withered Bone = 3 Withered Bone Meal

9 Withered Bone Meal = 1 Withered Bone Block

1 Withered Bone Block = 9 Withered Bone Meal

1 Withered Bone Block + 1 Poppy = 1 Wither Rose  

Using a Wither Rose as the ingredient and an Awkward Potion as the potion will provide you with a Potion of Decay.

On top of this you can make stronger Potions of Decay, longer lasting Potions of Decay, Lingering Potions of Decay, Splash Potions of Decay, and Arrows of Decay like you can with any other potion.  
Withered Bone Meal usage:

Withered Bone Meal only works on Warped Nylium and Crimson Nylium and spawns things in a 1x1 area.  
Withered Bone Meal drops:

3/11 drop chance for warped and crimson fungus

2/11 drop chance for brown and red mushrooms

1/11 drop chance for a wither rose  
Notice: Since this mod is under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (LGPLv3) you can do whatever the license says you can, everything below are just some guidelines I'd like you guys to follow.  

Yes you can use this mod in your modpack as long as you aren't selling the modpack (Optional donations are okay but no pop-up ads or anything like ad.fly) and as long as you link this page for the mod.  

NO! You may NOT rehost (reupload) this mod on any website you have to link back to this page if you want to make a post about this mod.  
Known Bugs:

So far none, if you run into a bug be sure to report your issue under the Issues tab (and be sure to follow the Issue template!).  
Forge Port:

This mod will never be ported to Forge by me. If you want to port the mod to Forge by all means, go ahead I won't stop you.  

Yes this mod can be used on your server! It's needed on both the client and on the server.  
Texture Reuse:

Yes! You can reuse the textures as long as you credit me by linking this page wherever you reuse the textures.