Snapshot Ideas

859 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.16-Snapshot


This mod is trying to add new ideas and concepts for the current snapshot versions.

Current features:

- Polished Basalt together with slabs and stairs

- Basalt slabs and stairs

- New Netherite Boat capable of rowing on lava

- Climbable Weeping Vines (Thanks Mojang!)

- Soul Flask giving the ability to respawn in the Nether (Only until 20w11a, because Mojang)

Netherite Boat:

The Netherite Boat has the ability to row on lava! (Not much to say more at this point)




Soul Flask:

The Soul Flask sets a spawnpoint in the Nether, when lit with a Flint and Steel, sucking your soul into the flask. This spawnpoint is only valid for the Nether.

To extinguish the flame in the bottle, shift and right click the bottle to recover your soul. In the Overworld and the End, the bottle has no use except for decoration, also changing it's color to that of a normal flame.




(Screenshots of the items can be found in the "Screenshots" tab)



Other notes:

- Thanks to 328i for the Persian translation!


I'm always open for suggestions of what features I can add to this mod!



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