Simple Drawers

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Simple Drawers

This mod adds drawers to the game that are capable of storing 2048 items of one type. These drawers are available in all wood types.




To-Do List:

- Add a controller to access the drawers inventories in a 3x3 area

- Add 1x2 drawers


How to use:

Drawers: Store one type of an item into the drawer by right clicking. Take them out by either left clicking to get out one item, or shift left clicking to get out an entire stack.

Drawer Key: When an item is stored in the drawer, you can lock the drawer by right clicking. When locked, the item type of the drawer cannot change.

Upgrades: Upgrades can be used to upgrade the storage amount of a drawer. Full upgrades set the upgrade tier of the drawer to the tier specified by the item, the normal upgrade require the previous tier to be present.

Drawer Controller: The Drawer Controller can be used to control a 3x3 area of drawers. The drawer controller has to face into the opposite direction of the 3x3 area to be able to accept or dispense items.



Special Thanks to:

Storage Drawers for giving me the inspiration for this mod!


Please submit issues in the issues tracker linked above.


This mod is in a very early stage of development.


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