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Filename SmoothFont-1.12.2-1.16-b3.jar
Uploaded by bre2el
Uploaded Sep 1, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 223.30 KB
Downloads 1,927
MD5 ce7261ddabc51be714df732365ca3760
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


*** This is a beta version. ***


- Improved performance by optimization.
- Added a performance priority mode. This mode improves performance in exchange for slightly lowering the quality.
  (On my PC, performance is almost the same as without the mod even if a lot of characters are displayed.)

- Added traditional Chinese lang file. (Thanks to EnderDragonEP)
- Fixed an issue that the last line of BetterQuesting mod's text may be invisible in some cases.
- Added a modsNotUsingHighPrecision option. If the specified mods are detected, MC standard font renderer will be set to normal precision mode or vanilla precision mode.
- Added "precision save" sub-command and the precision command no longer saves automatically in the config file.
- Improved the efficiency of MC standard renderer replacement check.

- Fixed an issue that combining marks are invisible.
- Improved autosizing.
- Added an option that limits temporary memory usage during genaration of glyph images for the computer which has many CPU cores.
- Reduced temporary memory usage during generation of glyph images.
- Updated simplified Chinese lang file. (Thanks to SuperExboom)
- Improved a compatibility regarding text wrapping for Better Questing mod.
- Added an option to adjust the rounding method of the character width that can be obtained by getCharWidth() and getStringWidth().
- Improved efficiency in drawing processes.
- Improved a quality of character placement.
- Fixed an issue that the fontScaleRoundingToleranceRate is not applied properly when switching the config mode.
- Readjusted fontGap config paratemer.