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Filename SmoothFont-mc1.12.2-2.0-alpha-11.jar
Uploaded by bre2el
Uploaded Apr 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 270.83 KB
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MD5 a9c02086a8aba1110867d4bde8a07bf9
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


*** This is a test version. This version may be unstable. ***

- Improved automatic vertical position adjustment.
- Added fontSizingRefChars option.
- Improved font size slider resolution so that font size can be adjusted more finely.
- Added the ability to fine-tune the slider value with the mouse wheel and arrow keys.
- Adjusted the reference baseline.
- Moved useOSFont setting from the common category to the font category.
- Added disableInGameConfigGui option.
- Added disableFontSelectionGui option.
- Improved error handling of shaders.

- Fixed an issue that right side of some italic characters was cut off.
- Improved rendering performance.

- Fixed an issue that all texts in a world become black when using shaders.

- Improved compatibility with some mods which were not compatible so far.
- Improved brightness adjustment processing.
- Improved GL state management.
- Improved workaroundWrongGlState feature.
- Change not to save setMcRendererToHighPRC option automatically when setMcRendererToHighPRC becomes
false due to changing the precision mode of default font renderer to normal or vanilla.
- Fixed no-color issue during using the colored resource pack fonts.
- Fixed bad color problem in Astral Tome of Astral Sorcery.
- Fixed an issue that garbages are shown slightly around the font when using high resolution fonts such as 128px.

- Fixed an issue that some glyph images were cut off.
- Improved automatic vertical position adjustment.
- Fixed an issue that the character widths became incorrect when transforming the font widths.

- Added font style (bold and/or italic) setting.
- Added rescan function for external font folders. ([F5] key in Font Selection GUI)
- Changed to suppress tooltip display while pressing modifier key.
- Refixed the issue that incompatible font renderer could not be detected when launched with default font setting.
- Improved exception handling when texture loading fails.

- Fixed an issue that the whole screen turns white when hitting mobs.
- Improved OpenGL state management.
- Fixed an issue that incompatible font renderer could not be detected when launched with default font setting.

- Fixed an issue that text transparency was not reflected.
- Fixed an issue that shadows were misaligned for each character.
- Reduced coordinate calculation error when rendering.
- Refactored some of rendering methods.

- Expanded font size adjustment range.
- Improved a font autosizing feature.
- Added an asynchronous initialization.
- Supported progress bar display during initialization.
- Improved character width error correction feature in normal precision mode.
- Recuded string width error between normal precision mode and high precision mode.
- Improved shadow adjustment.
- Improved OpenGL state management.
- Enhanced checking of availability of OpenGL functions.
- Lowered a OpenGL minimum requirement to v1.4.
- Reduced VRAM usage to 1/4 when using system fonts.
- Recuded VRAM usage when mipmap is disabled.
- Added a function to align in ascent-line.
- Removed a function to align in box-bottom.
- Added a function to transform character width.
- Removed the limitation of character width when autosizing is enabled.
- Readjusted some internal paramters to display half scaled font more clearly.
- Secondary font can now be selected even by shift + leftclicking.
- Improved memory usage display.
- Improved glyph images generation so that all glyphs are rendered appropriately without being cut off. Therefore, "Autosizing Samples" field has been removed from GUI.
- Reduced memory usage by optimizing size of glyph images according to size of fonts.