Smashify it!

In real life, if you fell onto a glass platform from several stories, you'd probably die. That's not very fun though, so in Minecraft I figured you ought to smash a giant hole through the glass instead. This simple tweak adds the following functionality to glass/stained glass, glass/stained glass panes, and ice/packed ice blocks:


  • Flying into smashable blocks at high speeds, (using fire works, or just be getting enough momentum), will smash through them. To a point. Flying through a glass pane window is a bit easier and less likely to kill you then flying through a three meter thick glass wall. That being said, neither option is advisable.
  • When any entity falls onto smashable blocks from a great enough height, they break through them. The size of the hole smashed through increases based on the height of the fall and the size of the entity.
  • Smashing through thirty glass panes in rapid succession will yield they long sought after 'Smash and Pass' achivement, which sounds simple enough, but will require a considerable quantity of glass, patience, and totems of undying to obtain.



This is a fork of a feature from another of my mods, (Mindthemood's Bits and Bobs), on the off chance you're feeling like smashing stuff. If you want to add modded or vanilla blocks to the list of smashable items via. datapack or something, the mod uses the 'forge:smashable' tag to determine what can and cannot be smashed.