Sky Orchards


Sky Orchards

Resources from Dynamically Configurable Trees.

Sky Orchards is an original mod created for the Sky Factory IIII modpack by Darkosto available on curse and the curse launcher.


The mod contains user created tree types for mod pack makers and a few items that can be included in recipes.

Trees randomly spawn on small floating sky islands found throughout your world and can be configured for different dimensions, rarity and other settings.

The mod is designed to be an ideal companion for the Bonsai Trees mod and can provide a unique and fun way to provide resources.


Custom Bonsai Trees mod Support here:



(Ore is used as a loose term here to describe a 'Type' of tree eg. Redstone, Bacon, String etc.)

Trees consist of Ore Logs & Ore Leaves, the leaves will drop Ore Acorns and the logs will drop Ore Resin and Vanilla Oak Logs.

Ore Saplings can be planted and grown the same as standard vanilla trees.

Ore Leaves can also be configured to drop other items.

Included in the mod is another block called Ore Amber.

Ore Acorns are consumable, can be cooked, and turned in to Roasted Ore Acorns.

The items and blocks contained in the mod have no recipes by default as the mod is intended for use in modpacks which create the recipes.

(I would recommend CraftTweaker for this function).


By default, some Vanilla Ore based trees come pre-configured to provide examples.

Please note you will need a Full restart for any Tree or Island additions to appear.


Creating a Tree using the configuration file:

To add your own custom trees there are a few things you can adjust, for example; a new tree called 'Cottonwood' could be added like this:




The syntax is as follows:


name, modName:itemName#amount#metaData#dropChance, r, g, b


name is what you call the tree (cottonwood in the example).


modName:itemName is the item you wish leaves to drop (Minecraft String in the example).

amount is the amount of items you would like to drop (1 in the example).

metaData is the meta data/damage value of the item to drop (0 in the example).

dropChance is a value of 1:(number) that the item will drop (4 in the example).


(you can add the words null or unused if you don't want a drop).


r, g, b stands for 3 numbers between 0 and 255 for an RGB colour for the tree.

(255,245,255 in the example) - google an RGB colour picker for easy colour selection.


Configuring Worldgen for Sky Islands

There are some options for setting up floating islands that can be customised in the config:

Floating Islands Should Generate - true or false to turn on and off island generation.
Smallest Radius Islands Should Generate - sets the smallest size an island should be (no less than 1).
Largest Radius Islands Should Generate - sets the largest size an island should be (4 by default).
(1:Amount) Chance that an Island Will Generate in Chunk - (150 by default).


If you use the island generation feature, you can customise the island to contain your trees and to generate in specific dimensions, at a range of height, how often compared to other tree island types, and even what blocks the island is made up of. For example I would like the example 'Cottonwood tree' we made above to spawn in the over world on an island of Dirt Blocks and a Top layer of Grass blocks between a height of Y20 and Y200.




The syntax is as follows: *this should all be on 1 line (but spoilers chopped it up)




dimInt is the dimension ID to generate in (0 in the example is the Over World).

orename is the name you gave to your custom tree (cottonwood in the example).

minHeight is the lowest level the island can generate in Y level (20 in the example).

maxHeight is the highest level the island can generate in Y level (200 in the example).

spawnWeight is the frequency compared to other island types (4 in the example).

modname:block- is the block you would like for island's the top layer (Grass in the example).

blockMeta is the block's meta data you would like for island's the top layer (0 in the example).

*And the same again for the rest of the island's blocks under the top layer.

modname:block (Dirt in the example).

blockMeta (0 in the example).


There is also a configuration option to set the amount of acorns dropped from breaking leaves.

Set to 1:3 by default.