Sky Islands Creator

20,115 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 14, 2017 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod is no longer being maintained! No more feature requests or bug reports will be accepted!


This mod allows island creation for servers running Skyblock packs on 1.10.2 or above (e.g. Sky Factory 3, Project Ozone Lite, All The Sky, SkyExchange, etc.) 
I know there are simliar mods out there, but I specially made this mod for a streamer at first for some additional features that other mods don't have (i.e. various different commands). Then I decided to release this mod publicly for general use.


  • Supports generating Garden of Glass islands, single tree islands, or even single grass block! (More island types coming soon along with custom islands)
  • Easy-to-use commands, supports command blocks
  • Configurable amount of islands to control your server easily
  • Joining your friend's island and play together! (Made for community servers)
  • 100% Forge mod, no SpongeForge or Spigot needed
  • Only required to be installed on server side, while installing this mod on client side is optional but you're able to use this mod with "Open to LAN" in singleplayer


  • /skyislands_create <name> - Creates an island, operators only
  • /skyislands_delete <name> - Removes an island, operators only
  • /skyislands_join <name> - Join an island
  • /skyislands_rename <old name> <new name> - Renames an island, operators only
  • /skyislands_setspawn <name> [x] [y] [z] - Set a new island spawn
  • /skyislands_list - Gives you a list of islands
  • /skyislands_save - Saves islands to a file for backups, operators only

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